HLH 7 Audio

The book is proofed. I'm waiting a few days to hear back from Audible on some stuff. Then I'll pay my producer the zillion billion jillion spacebucks I owe him, then it will be out. So, ETA is: "shortly." Not to be confused with: Read More

Senator Warren

A few years ago, I was flying back from the east coast to the west coast, when I encountered the worst travel conditions of my life. First off, I was standing around at the overcrowded terminal, without even a place to sit down on the floor. I had devolved into cattle like everyone else. We were farm animals being herded around airplanes. I had seen some "excitement" around someone, but I simply didn't care. We finally boarded and I had... Read More


I had heard about this guy but I forgot it. When you hear that the animated Ogre character of Shrek was based on a real person, you tend to think, meh. But holy crap, this guy is more Shrek than Shrek. If anything, they made Shrek a lot prettier and more human. [video width="728" height="546" mp4=""][/video] Read More

Greek forms of Love

I thought this was pretty interesting. The Greeks had different words for different kinds of love/affection. I don't know how accurate it is, but it's a fun read. Read More