New Phrases

Pop culture tends to coin new terms and phrases all the time. And the internet, with its daily blogs and news and whatever, they have to come up with new things to say to keep people interested. Kind of like me posting now... I saw an article that used the term "unsolicited advances" in the title, and it totally sounds legit on first pass. But unsolicited implies there are also solicited. That means you would be asking someone to ask... Read More

Nebula Writer’s Conference

I will be at: 2019 Nebula Conference May 16th-May 19th, 2019 Los Angeles, CA  It's mostly a Science Fiction and Fantasy WRITER'S conference, specifically for But if you're interested in writing it can be decent and not very crowded like some cons.   Read More

Amazing Stories

I'm going to be on the cover of Amazing Stories! Not because I'm a great writer. Or a bad writer. But because I helped contribute to the relaunch of the magazine. This is me getting like...sucked out of a spaceship. Anyway, cool stuff. Read More