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Here's a few rambling reviews of some tv shows and movies I've seen recently. Foundation Foundation series was maybe the first real science fiction novels I read. From Golden Age Isaac Asimov. It's pretty hard stuff for a kid but it set the bar really high. Good old Asimov was a particular kind of writer. He was born in 1920. He had muttonchop sideburns. I had heard some personal anecdotes of him from SFWA, of which he was made a... Read More

Guns and Bullets

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This is a video I provided to my Patreon people. I thought I would share it here. The audiobook for Frankly is still being worked on and I'm hard at work on my next book. I give weekly videos to my Patreon people. At least to update them on what I'm doing. Read More

The Anti-Hobby

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**I don't want to make this overly political, so please refrain from name calling and side pointing.** I had been pondering the latest attacks against some artist or other. I can't remember which. But it got me thinking about the people who do that. What makes them tick? I slam various "art" all the time. I didn't like that movie for X, Y, Z reasons. I don't like that song for A, B, C reasons. I don't like hipster fashion... Read More