The Cars and the Power of Music

Just heard that Ric Ocasek, lead singer and rhythm guitar for the band The Cars, died yesterday. I had been a big fan of The Cars in the 80s/90s. I'm not sure if it was Dick Clark or Roger Ebert who first said, "Pop music is the soundtrack to our lives." Maybe it was someone else, entirely. But it's very true in that the music we're listening to at the time, conscious or not, will be associated with our memories.... Read More

Cord Cutting and the Americans tv series

I have cable tv. But I basically only watch two channels. News and financial news. I'd been hearing about cord cutting for a few years now and how it was rocking the cable industry. But I didn't really understand it. I mean, you still need internet access, right? So I did a little searching and got some Fire TV devices on sale. My hope was I could get all my tv from streaming and be able to seamlessly switch between... Read More


I was riding my bike through Redondo Beach in King Harbor. That's an area right on the ocean and it is saltwater everywhere. You won't see rust and decay anywhere like a port area unless you start flinging around acid. Anyway, I took a photo of a sign that had corroded in a funny way. Added a little to it to make a meme. Read More

Cooking Shrimp With Steve

I love me some shrimp. I bought a bunch a few days ago and decided to post my whole "cooking" process, which is insanely easy. I used large, deveined, wild caught, white shrimp. I could save a few bucks if I deveined myself, but it's kinda gross. One of my few memories of my maternal grandmother was being in her kitchen in Mobile, Alabama when I was maybe 3-5 years old and deveining shrimp by hand. A LOT of shrimp.... Read More

I like to singa

I was watching a tv show and playing with my dog. I got a song in my head and it was so odd I assumed it came from some weird video game. Like 1940s feel to it. And I stood there, hummed it, and managed to recreate at least some of the words. I got the idea it was Bugs Bunny. Like one of those ancient ones. So my guess was it was a real song, put in as a... Read More