Hank Voice

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I have pretty much decided that I need to do all the voices in my 3D. Stuff changes too much and I have to synch with animation for me to easily farm it out. I'd either be stuck with what I get and have to animate around it, or I'd be constantly asking for updates. I have a lousy voice and I'm a bad actor. Sucks. I'm looking at putting various audio filters on my voice to simulate a suitably... Read More

Art imitating Art

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I've started doing some voice "acting" for my Hank 3D stuff. I was doing the voice of Gax. I recall hearing an interview with Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy, American Dad, etc) where he said doing the voice of Stan was exhausting. I have a lousy voice and I'm a lousy actor. I had to do the lines for Gax and I split them into tiny chunks because I kept screwing up. After about 1 minute, I was really tired. Projecting... Read More

Spell Talker Audiobook out

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Check out my latest audiobook, Spell Talker. I think the Narrator, Kevin Clay, did a really good job. Especially with the character of the Narrator. The book was very popular among prospective audiobook narrators I think for that character alone. Hope you enjoy it.   Read More