Just learned I live about 2 blocks from where Leonard Wibberley lived. I didn't know he was here, but they're putting up a big mural to some past locals and I saw him. BTW, the mural is ridiculous. You can only see it walking down a small alley. I looked at his house and it's almost exactly the same as when he lived there. It's a tiny little bungalow surrounded by McMansions. You get used to that kind of stuff... Read More

Cooking with Hank: sans meat

I'm not as young as I used to be. I can't just eat anything and shrug it off. I've tried to go semi-vegetarian. I guess it's technically pescatarian. I eat fish. And I have Meat Mondays. I'm not doing it for any kind of humanitarian or animaltarian or fruititarian reasons. It's just cuz I don't want to be 50,000 pounds in 10 years. I grabbed some Impossible Burger from the grocery store. I've had a Beyond Meat hamburger at a... Read More

All your eggs in one basket

Was riding my bike with my dog tonight and in the alley ahead, I saw what looked like a cat. Sasquatch, my dog, loves cats. They don't love him. I saw him perk up immediately. But then I saw the telltale waddle and knew it wasn't a cat. It was a skunk. There aren't many animals around here, but there are some skunks and raccoons. Skunks are just...terrible. They're absolutely lousy wild animals. If you've ever seen them, they're slow,... Read More