Bad Peeps

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Your time is precious. Once you spend it, you don't get it back. And it's rough to say, but not everyone deserves your time. To take it further, not everyone is decent. Some people are colossal bags of shit and they will pollute your life just being around them. I really suck at lying. That's something I put in my books because it's funny. I'm still startled, shocked, dismayed when I encounter people who regularly tell falsehoods. Sometimes about the... Read More


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My local newspaper/magazine the Easy Reader has me on their cover story tomorrow. I think it was a "slow news week" and the turnaround was really fast, as I only did this interview a few days ago. I think they're using one of my book covers for the cover of the print magazine, which will be pretty cool. Read More

Falcon and Winter Soldier review

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I finished the first season of the Marvel show, Falcon and the Winter Soldier. I thought it was pretty enjoyable, with some small issues. To step back, superhero fiction is already a stilted form with a lot of baggage. One concept was explained to me by my "game master" when I was a teenager participating in a roleplaying game at the local university. Everyone was an adult, except me, and I was the youngest by about 10 years. But the... Read More