Audio Notes

On my Patreon I just uploaded a ton of my audio notes that I take while working on a book. It took me AGES to move away from writing notes with pen and paper. In fact, one of my original happy accidents happened because of that. I was writing notes about my first book and I thought Jyen was Garm in a note. But Garm had been a man. And I couldn't understand why "Girl" (didn't have a name yet)... Read More

Nonsense Words

Observation. There are a lot of words and phrases that get thrown around that are essentially meaningless or contradictory. They become buzzwords that seem like they have value but are just filler. There is a car repair tv commercial that runs locally here fairly often. The ad has an announcer that says, "we specialize in foreign and domestic vehicles." Well, that's like ALL vehicles. And that's the opposite of what "specialize" means. There are no Alpha Centauri vehicles. If you... Read More

Hard Luck Hank 3, Prince of Suck gif files

Someone pointed out that the audio listeners never got access to the .gif files that I spent a lot of time getting for Prince of Suck. Since obviously I couldn't put URLs in audio. But some of these characters were never shown in any other place. I'm including the URLs from the book here. If the links don't work, let me know or try and swap in domain instead, though it should redirect you. BUT CONSIDER THEM SPOILERS IF... Read More

HLH 3 files

I had my website redone and moved to an entirely new host. This broke all my links to my public files including my animated gifs that I peppered throughout HLH 3, Prince of Suck. If you all could test them to see if the links are up and in the right order, I would appreciate it. I think I caught them all, but I was going between a lot of different sources and files and I have different access than... Read More