Friday Update


Over on my Patreon I give my subscribers Friday updates. I don’t make much money from it–not even enough that I get tax information at year end. It’s basically to help me not procrastinate while connecting with fans. I have to tell them what I did for the week, creatively. Usually, it’s a short video of me talking to my phone as I walk the dog. But you get to see my neighborhood and look up my nose. So…WIN!

I had mentioned Hank fantasy. But I decided I need to think about some bigger aspects on it. Like language. Ye Olde Hanke doth sucken the facen.

So I’ve decided this book will be the usual scifi. This is a video of me making the cover.
Making a book cover

You need to excuse me rambling. It’s hard to talk and do technical stuff at the same time while someone is banging away in your bathroom to fix a leak.


I do a friday update for my patreon people. It's usually me walking the dog and talking about what writing I did this week. I...

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