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The Queen hit song, Fat Bottom Girls, starts off with an ode to child molestation. And to say it was only performed, "tongue in cheek," makes it sound even worse. Read More

Audio Auditions

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If you want to audition for Garm audiobook narration or take a look at the process, here you go: Read More


Posted by Admin | Uncategorized | Ebook is now live. Still need to put together the paperback. Just formatting stuff. Screw the Galaxy is now available on hardback as well. Read More


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Wandavision. Yeah, I've been going through Disney+. I'll blame Neil Gaiman since he'll get in less trouble. But he had described male vs. female fantasy. It was regarding his very earliest Sandman comics. Male fantasy is like The Boys tv show. Homelander. Unbelievably powerful, corrupt, dangerous. Just kills people. Nearly every main god in every religion. Zeus, Odin, Ra, Christian God, whatever. Omnipotent. Badasses. All The Boys boys are male fantasy. If you give men stupendous power they become stupendous... Read More


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I've remarked a bunch how technology is still not broadly user-friendly. I was a computer programmer for 20ish years and I still have trouble. My computer had been buzzing for months. I had taken it apart and assumed it was the fans, but was disheartened to see it was the CPU water cooler. Fans are cheap. Water cooler, less cheap. But also, I have to directly be taking apart stuff on my motherboard and CPU. I was never much of... Read More