Dog day

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This is a silent, music, stationary bike, race, for charity. I based the space station in Belvaille on these beach cities where I live. They’re so unbelievably compact. And they’re a fraction of the size of the space station, yet it would be impossibly easy to hide here and very difficult to ever see all of it. So that’s proof that you don’t have to be a giant metropolis to have everything going on. I’ve seen these silent parties recently.... Read More


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Still trying to get this stupid plugin to work. Basically, I post a lot of crap while I’m walking my dog. But I can only really do it on my phone. This is dictated. I had sent Liam a bunch of corrections on the audio he turned them around in a day and it’s all been submitted. So we’re waiting for audible approval and then it’ll be up. Read More