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I'm pretty proud of myself.   I'm using some motion capture in my animation. I had wanted to completely avoid programming. I'm not sure why. I guess because I wanted to be done with it. But I busted out some coding because I was kind of tired/lazy. I have like a 2 second clip of someone and I didn't want to have to motion capture for that stupid 2 seconds.   But faces are incredibly hard to model. It's easy... Read More

3D model help: Garm

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Help. So I'm getting a 3D model for one of my female characters. The artist made her outfit like...teen porn. Kind of anime kiddie sexy. I'll go to jail if I try and animate it and publish it anywhere. The character's name is Garm and she's a kickass ninja, crook, city administrator, and military liason. She's also a mother/grandmother. You all know this, but I posted this several times. So I need some sexy, 30-40 year old sensibility, outfits that... Read More

Another HLH vid tease

Posted by Admin | Uncategorized |   Just showing off the effects. Took me a long while to make this. I had tried to make a physical Gax. But it was too hard and not very good. So these are all particle effects. If I run through this 5 times, Gax would look slightly different each time. There's like 10 different particle effects shoved in there. The light beam is also hard to do. You think, hey, just shine a light. But this isn't a... Read More