I was a little late to the whole micro-funding movement. I never thought much of it. I used Kickstarter to try and fund my very first book and I was not happy with the whole process and model, despite reaching my goal. However, I sell products. And my method of selling those products is kind of stuck in the year 2000. I can put out a book and audiobook and that's about it. It takes a whole lot of work... Read More

Damn it feels good to be a gangsta

I've told this story a bunch, but I'm going to tell it again. It must have been shortly after the first Avengers movie came out. So I guess 2012. I still used to go to the gym. And my gym used to be a gym instead of whatever it is now. Actually, I think it's a gym, but it had been vacant, then something else, then a gym again. So that's how long ago it was. Chris Evans, the actor... Read More

Interview 2018

Attack Media was nice enough to do this interview. I've been bad about getting all these links and stuff posted. This was from about December 2018. I wish the cameraman had told me I was slouching that bad. He's a great interviewer and screen personality. I'm not, but hey. Read More