Random walking shitpost.

I was just zoning out and I heard a kind of squeak. Of course there was noise all around me. I was at the beach. And I looked up and see a woman walking past and she almost is by me. Going perpendicular to my direction.

And somehow my brain reconnected that she was saying “Steve” and I know her. So I quickly yell high and wave and she sees me and smiles.
And it all happened so quickly, that it was pretty interesting how the brain works.

Like I could take that abstract sound and feed it into the view of the back-side profile of a woman and recognize she was saying my name and that I know her. Take away or lessen any aspect of that, and I wouldn’t have put it together. And she would think I’m an asshole for not saying hi back. Among other reasons.

Furthermore, I was in a specific place. And I had seen that woman many times around there. So I was calling from that database of collected identities. Like if it had been some work friend going by, I wouldn’t recognize it. If it had been someone not associated with that place at all I probably would not have made the connection.

As a former programmer and current writer, all that stuff is super interesting to me. Because it happened really fast and was based on super complicated biology.


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