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A newslady from channel 4 NBC came over and asked to do an interview. Apparently, crows are attacking people in the park to protect their young. And I said crows don’t mess with me. Whenever they see my dog they start squawking like crazy. Probably cause they think it’s a wolf. So crows, as tough as they are, aren’t going to actually dive bomb a predator higher on the food chain.

It was just some fluffy interview. I think they wanted pictures of my dog. And he of course tried to eat the microphone. I doubt it will make the news just because it was a pretty bad interview on my part. They should’ve just taken shots of my dog.

^I posted that stuff before I knew we actually DID make the news. I was wearing my Hard Luck Hank cap and t-shirt. This is Los Angeles local news, so about 325,000 viewers. But you get to see me and my dog and where we go for poop walks. My dog, not me. I poop in the street.



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