Dog day


This is a silent, music, stationary bike, race, for charity. I based the space station in Belvaille on these beach cities where I live. They’re so unbelievably compact. And they’re a fraction of the size of the space station, yet it would be impossibly easy to hide here and very difficult to ever see all of it. So that’s proof that you don’t have to be a giant metropolis to have everything going on. I’ve seen these silent parties recently. Basically, it’s so dense here that any music is going to disturb blocks and blocks of neighbors. So they wear headphones. The new Belleville is quite large. And partly it was a change, but it was also when I was testing out an animation. It’s incredibly difficult to make an urban environment and internal rooms. It’s super easy to make deserts and grasslands and forests.


I do a friday update for my patreon people. It's usually me walking the dog and talking about what writing I did this week. I...

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