Creative Lunatics


I’ll probably never get around to writing a memoir. One thing i dwell on is creativity. Creativity is not synonymous intelligence. It’s possible to be super smart and not creative and super creative and not all that bright. I’ve met zillions of creative types.

If everyone drew in abstract style from children to adult hood, a cubist painting wouldn’t be creative it would be standard. And the first weirdo who came along and painted something hyper realistic would be seen as a brilliant trendsetter. And people would be yelling at her that it wasn’t really art because the eyes were above the nose just like real life.

So creativity is thinking differently. And if you regularly think differently, that just doesn’t apply to accounting practices or artwork or anything, it’s your whole outlook and mindset.

So creative people tend to have some collection of low to mid to high level mental illnesses. That’s how they can think differently. Because they DO think differently.

I’ve heard it said that humor is a reaction to either sorrow or anger. Or both. Comedians often became funny to mask and self medicate from a very young age. It’s a defense mechanism. The brain is out of sorts, so it creates its own cure: laughter.

And I’ve often said that is soon as we can evaluate every neurochemical imbalance and correct them, we will stamp out creativity. We will be very happy and well adjusted but also quite similar.

I’ve got my own issues, obviously. I haven’t axe murdered anyone in months and months, but I am well past adolescence and I’ve lived alone pretty much my whole life and quite prefer that.

But creativity has helped me a lot in my life. It’s helped me in my regular office work and obviously writing. But it’s not without downsides. Can’t be a brilliantly creative person and have a perfectly adjusted brain. If you did you wouldn’t be creative. You could be brilliant, but that’s not creativity.

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