Technology + and –

I was a computer programmer for many years. I could probably get a job today as a PC helpdesk person. I would be bad and lazy, but I could do it. I had my computer crap out a few days ago. I went through a big cleaning period not long back and I decided to save my "gut-pile" (my huge collection of cables and devices from zillions of old computers) and my previous computer. Sure enough, I used that stuff... Read More

Middle Class

Here is a pretty sobering look at the Middle Class from the OECD. They have a report out recently that details the middle classes from many countries around the world and how they are doing in relation to expenses and living standards and housing and such. They have a 178 page booklet you can read online for free. Or at least scan the major takeaways here. Read More

Smelling Salts

It's fun to experience new things now and then. I was reading about smelling salts and how they had become popular at gyms to kind of spike your energy before/during a workout. I was curious and searched around, and sure enough, there are all kinds of products for sale. I bought some ampules on Amazon. Fairly cheap. Maybe in in 5th or 6th grade, a friend had brought some smelling salts to school and we had taken turns sniffing at... Read More