Interview 2018

Attack Media was nice enough to do this interview. I've been bad about getting all these links and stuff posted. This was from about December 2018. I wish the cameraman had told me I was slouching that bad. He's a great interviewer and screen personality. I'm not, but hey. Read More

2019 Nebula Conference

Nebula Conference 2019 This year's Nebulas were in California a short distance from me. About an hour and a half drive. I got a newish car and I don't understand anything on it. I plugged in the GPS and it had me jumping on and off and on and off the freeways. And I realized the car had routed me perfectly around all the traffic. It's pretty amazing. The time is still wrong on it because I'm not sure where... Read More

Some Media Reviews

If you're going to discuss spoilers, please put it at the end of your post with a *SPOILER* tag. Though I think we should avoid them, if possible. I've been catching up on some of my shows and movies. * Westworld tv series. I thought the first season was pretty decent. It was based off of a movie by the same name written and directed by Michael Crichton. I had read a lot of Crichton, who was a titan of... Read More