New Spell Talker rough cover

I didn't explain myself well to my artist and he lightened up the colors of everything. I wanted to go for a technique. What do you think between the two covers. Forget there is more detail or less. I'm talking about the high contrast or just having it darkish? Read More

The Stupidity of Heroism

I just had my own Tiananmen Square moment and it almost ended the same way. I took a break from proofing my audiobook to take the dog for a bike ride. Beautiful day out. Leisurely ride, but very crowded out. I was stopped a number of times so people could play with or see my dog. We went to Hermosa Pier and sat on the bench while I read the news, people pet my dog, and I relaxed. This is... Read More

Hard Luck Hank 7 Audiobook

Liam Owen and SciFi-Publishing have given me the audiobook to review. Estimated at about 15.4 hours. Far longer than all the others. I'll get to work proofing it. They do a great job, of course, but there's usually a few things that need correcting. Out of 15 hours, that's a pretty good average. Read More

Spell Talker Cover Outline

I hired Konstantinos Skenteridis to do the cover art for my next book. He did the covers for Hard Luck Hank Prince of Suck and Screw the Cosmos. Next book is titled Spell Talker and is an urban fantasy. This is his first pass of an outline based on my description and examples and whatever. This is only a sketch where we can kick around this and that as far as ultimate layout goes. Hope you all like it. The... Read More

New Phrases

Pop culture tends to coin new terms and phrases all the time. And the internet, with its daily blogs and news and whatever, they have to come up with new things to say to keep people interested. Kind of like me posting now... I saw an article that used the term "unsolicited advances" in the title, and it totally sounds legit on first pass. But unsolicited implies there are also solicited. That means you would be asking someone to ask... Read More