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Doing well on Spell Talker. I’ve said many times I would make more $$$ if I wrote faster. That’s the paradigm of self-publishing: crank out books and wallpaper the internet. But I just can’t do it. As I sit around and let stories marinate in my subconscious, I always come up with hooks that, IMHO, make the product vastly better. There’s a lot of happy accidents in writing if you have the time to allow for accidents.

I had mentioned before how the character of Garm, in Hard Luck Hank, was originally a man. The name is even taken from my male Dwarf fighter I had in AD&D back in 1991ish. And I was walking around trying to make sense of my hand-scrawled notes and I came up with making Garm a woman. Which opened up so many more possibilities instead of just having 50 guys stand around scratching themselves, talking about thugs.

I’ve just had some happy accidents on Spell Talker and it makes me appreciate the slowness of my pace. I remember reading or watching J.K.Rowling talking about Harry Potter. And she was saying how the first book is her favorite by far. Because there was no time table. She could make it happen organically and didn’t have to answer to fans, publishers, editors, and then an entire movie studio and all the actors and production staff and such. I’m also not sure how this happened, but I somehow saw a rough feedback from Rowling->Editors->Rowling. She got her pages back. Maybe it was some passive aggressive slam by the people making the documentary? I can’t remember. But her pages were saturated with red ink. The editors had chopped it to hell. Which is what happens when writers write. It’s kind of like what they say about representing yourself in court or a doctor evaluating him/herself: don’t do it. Even if you know grammar up/down and back, you’re in the weeds and can’t see it.

Anyway, this is me just giving an update and procrastinating and trying to justify my procrastination.


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