Who is Garm?


This is a blurb I wrote while brainstorming who Garm really is.

Garm is a more extreme version of us: ambition made manifest. She’s is totally committed to everything she does. Garm is sympathetic because she doesn’t ever kick back. She is never relaxed. She lives like she is a cat surrounded by dogs even if she is in a dominant position and enjoying a level of success we can only imagine. She has to put up with people who aren’t giving 100%. In fact, they are giving so little compared to her that she is disgusted she has to work with them. It is her primary annoyance in life. For her to achieve the goals she wants, she must utilize and interact with an army of others. Why don’t/can’t they give as much as she does and be as dedicated? She is annoyed at failures and personal mistakes but doggedly perseveres and overcomes them whenever possible. She doesn’t have the natural talents of Hank, she has different ones, but she has to sacrifice to utilize them. She’s what we wish we could be if we put our minds to it, but is a cautionary tale of what that exactly entails.

In addition to that, I decided her personality is largely from her mutation. It’s not directly a side-effect. But she doesn’t sleep. That means she never shuts down. Never goes to zero. She never dreams. She has no experience with being unconscious and slumbering. Turning over in bed lazily. She is at full speed always. And this morphed her personality–what it might have been. Because she can’t just have normal goals like we have. She can meet those easily. She has goals and expectations that are lightyears away. If normal people dream of being movie stars or billionaires, what does someone like Garm dream about when she doesn’t actually ever dream? She never takes incredible flights of fancy. Everything is reachable in her future. To a regular person that’s exhausting. But she doesn’t get exhausted.


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