Virus Life Hacks


Virus life-hacking #2

* I had bought a bunch of flaxseeds ages ago for fiber. They keep well (until you grind them). I tried making flour out of it and bread and it worked great! Very tasty. 100g of flaxseeds is 524 calories, 41g fat, 28g fiber, 20g protein and a decent amount of nutrients and omegas. 100g of beef 10% lean is 214 calories, 11g fat, 26g protein. This is what I had bought on Amazon.
Use a coffee grinder to flour it. If you just eat them whole we can’t digest them.

* Everything had stopped being anti-bacterial because we were making super viruses. Remember when every hand soap and this and that was anti-bacterial? I do a decontamination process when I get packages delivered and I realized my disinfecting wipes don’t actually disinfect. I mean, they’re still cleaning and pulling that stuff away, just not killing it. The good news is, you can make some pretty heroic anti-bacterial. Clothes bleach is really bleach. It’s vastly stronger than the bleach they use to disinfect hospitals and such.

What you’re looking for is sodium hypochlorite. That’s the main (active) ingredient in Clorox and most bleaches.

My bottle of Clorox is 6% sodium hypochlorite. And the wiki page mentions a “strong” disinfectant is 0.5% sodium hypochlorite and water. So you’ll need to seriously dilute the bleach.

I mean, it’s bleach. Really bleach. That’s caustic stuff. Be careful when mixing, handling, dealing with it. Don’t put it in spray bottles or mix it with other cleaners because it can react and create toxic fumes as it reacts with everything in a bleach-like manner. I suggest designating some old clothes, a bucket/pan/whatever, and wiping down with that. After a few passes, throw that out, and get another. It’s not like some simple household spray you an just splash on stuff and leave there, it’s serious bizness. So just be cautious.

* Getting fresh veggies/fruit is not especially doable. They don’t last long and they pass through a lot of hands before they get to you. I’ve always LOVED lemon juice. I like sour stuff. And my mom would have lemon juice for cooking and I found as a kid I really liked it. Lemons have tremendous vitamin C. It was the original prevention for scurvy by sailors. But all the lemon juice we encounter has been reconstituted and pasteurized to nothingness. Reallemon is the market leader and it’s merely used for taste, as it has no actual nutrients whatsoever. As awesome as it is, pasteurization kills ascorbic acid (vitamin c). There are a FEW lemon juices out there that retain it. I just saw it’s unavailable on Amazons, but I order 3 gallons of this every few months. I add it to water and sometimes put in a sugar syrup. But lemon juice is very close to zero calories because it naturally has no sugar.

* Okay, another scurvy solution with shelf-life and ease. Sauerkraut. GOOD sauerkraut. The good stuff is packed with vitamins and it’s fricken fermented and can last. It’s got fiber, vitamin c, vitamin k and almost no calories. But it might be hard to find. Check the label to see it still retains vitamins, otherwise, it’s just salt water and mush.


* Just saw most commercial bleaches, like Clorox, aren’t available any longer on Amazon because of the demand. But sodium hypoclorite is all over the place. Search for that on Amazon/wherever. It’s pool cleaner, hot tub cleaner, wound cleaner, concrete/brick cleaner. Just look at the % and see if it’s what you can use.

* You can get more life out of your kitchen sponges by putting them in the microwave for 30s-1m. Just soak it with water and zap it. The extreme heat will break up the oils, fats, grease on the sponges and you can (carefully) rinse it out. I do the same with my bathroom wash cloths. Don’t use metal, obviously.


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