Virus Deniers


For the most part, people have been pretty awesome during this corona outbreak. Humans tend to pull together at tragedies and Americans certainly exemplify that trait.

But some people either don’t care or don’t believe it or both. Young kids (anyone under 30…) seem to believe themselves immune. Or not understand. I passed two teenagers walking on the bike path last night. They saw me coming and didn’t move or care so I had no choice but get within unsafe distances. The only reason I didn’t kick them in the back of the heads is because they’re stupid teenagers–AND I might catch something.

But I’ve seen a bunch of people out jogging. I get it. Cardio. Stay fit/happy/healthy. But don’t do it on the fucking sidewalk or in otherwise high traffic areas. You hyperventalating along with your mouth open, pouring sweat, is not only dangerous to others, you’re sucking in anything and everything along the way. Two Joggers passing each other is like a relay race of virus spreading. And those joggers I’ve seen, clearly didn’t give a shit. They were going to jog and to hell with anyone else.

That’s when I think about going all Hank. If your response to a pandemic is to say, “screw everyone,” then you are basically admitting you have no place in society. There’s a thousand million ways to exercise. I have to take my dog out, he will create noxious and toxic waste pools otherwise. And when I do take him out, I try and steer clear of everyone and everything, not just for me, but for others. That’s being a responsible human.

I had my gazillionaire neighbor send me a text. It was very circumspect and polite, but he owns the artificial grass area that he has allowed locals to use with their dogs. His children play there as well. I said, you don’t have to worry about me and my dog spreading germs in your side yard. I’m not going to any such area until this all blows over. He thanked me for my consideration. But there’s still a ton of people who use it, and he has to weigh being an asshole and telling them to go away because they’re too selfish to self-regulate.

Priorities change during times like this. I passed a guy at the park today playing golf. You’re not allowed to play golf in the park. But he was being respectful and cautious and there’s way more important things to worry about than divots in grass. This is not the time to be an asshole. Everyone is dealing with issues and we don’t need other people being douchebags on top of it.


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