Sitting here in the morning, my hands freezing, trying to type. It’s arctic temperatures here. 52 degrees F. I may die of hypothermia. I have on fuzzy house slippers it’s so cold!

As an aside to this aside, I got some fuzzy house slippers with memory foam padding. Sure. Memory foam. I sleep on it. I use it as a pillow. Should be great for shoe padding, right? No. Shoes are shoes, not beds. The memory foam is way too squishy and body weight + stepping + hard surface means it is basically non-existent. If I want my feet to sleep in them, fine. But this little anecdote was funny to me because it kind of shows how technology can be so narrowly focused. Looking to my left, I have my dog’s water bottle. And it was another bad purchase. Aluminum. I was thinking, sure, that’s what I want. But a water bottle needs to be insulated, not recyclable. So when I go out in the sun (if it ever returns to this frozen land!), the water bottle heats up immediately and bleeds out the cool water. Because it’s just aluminum. Buying stuff online–buying EVERYTHING online–is perhaps more challenging for those humans who spent their entire lives buying stuff in person.

I came up with a joke that I thought would be a good cartoon, but I’m too lazy to cartoon it. It was about buying groceries online. For all of human existence, we’ve bought groceries in person. We can see the groceries. So I get my deliveries and I’m like, I can’t fit all this stuff in my fridge. So the cartoon would show that and the family asks what’s for dinner. And the parent cooking replies, “it’s 3’x2′ of your favorite foods that would otherwise spoil!” Or something.

I’m up to almost 90% complete. And I’m digging it. I like the characters and I’m having fun. I’ll have to do some editing and such.

Stay safe and warm.


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