The Computer Eye


I’ve been struggling to try and nail down a look and feel for 3D Hard Luck Hank. 3D always looks too clean, even with dirty textures and great modeling. And there are various ways to fake it. But it really comes down to trying fool the human eye with pixels. The human eye has something insane like >500 megapixels. Which is why when you look at something cool in the distance and take a picture with your camera/phone and it looks like crap when you view it. Because the best camera isn’t even anywhere close to what we can see. And we can shift focus and adjust to brightness and do all sorts of amazing things.

That was what I kind of stumbled on. In a 3D scene, everything is in focus. There is no periphery because it’s not an eyeball or a camera lens. You can add this into 3D and make just the center in focus, or whatever part you want. But the problem is, that doesn’t control what viewers look at. They can be jerks and stare at the bottom right corner of the screen and look at blur.

Below is Belvaille as it exists in the computer. That’s how it is supposed to display.

This is the same picture adding in post-processing effects and tricks to not only give it atmosphere, but to make it look more like a real thing.

I’m getting close to how I want things to look. But man, there’s a lot of stuff. Add too many effects and it can mess up other aspects or simply look stupid.


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