I’ve remarked a bunch how technology is still not broadly user-friendly. I was a computer programmer for 20ish years and I still have trouble. My computer had been buzzing for months. I had taken it apart and assumed it was the fans, but was disheartened to see it was the CPU water cooler. Fans are cheap. Water cooler, less cheap. But also, I have to directly be taking apart stuff on my motherboard and CPU. I was never much of a hardware guy. I only do it because I have to. But if I want to record audio, having a buzzing computer is not great. I had done all the usual tips and tricks to see if it was air bubbles or this or that. No go.

I bought the exact same water cooler as my existing one to be sure it would fit/work despite the previous one demonstrating it was buzz-capable. And as I’m performing this delicate work from a major manufacturer, I’m just amazed at how bad the instructions are. There’s like 3 B&W images detailing how to secure a radiator, 2 fans, 3 power cables, CPU mount(s), etc. If I hadn’t used the same model, I would have had issues. They didn’t even say which directions the fans go, where the brackets go (both sides of motherboard), etc. Simply terrible instructions considering I’m making connections directly to my mobo and this is a consumer product.

I consider myself more knowledgeable on PC gear than maybe…90% of the population. And this stuff is still a pain in the ass. The idea my mom could ever do anything like this. Or even my sister, is ludicrous. No offense, sibling.

Used to be, all this stuff was purchased from some physical retailer like Frye’s Electronics. And when you inevitably got the wrong part, you just took it back. Now you need to be damn sure.

I believe I mentioned I’m going to try and do some short comedy videos with Hank. My book is still being edited. This is the intro to the first vid.

I generally send this stuff to my Patreon people first. As well as try and do a Friday video update for them. Hope everyone is well.


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