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The ebook has been put up for release. It’s not out at this moment since I JUST clicked finished.

I have the price at $5.99. I have no idea if that’s good/bad/other. What are your thoughts on that? The book marketplace seems to change quite frequently.

The book is a bit over 91K words. Was a long slog making a new series. It’s not Hard Luck Hank, so keep that in mind. It’s a different tone, universe, characters.

I have to put together the paperback, which has a different formatting. Will take a few more days. From then, I can start looking at audiobook narrators. You all have any preferences or ideas? I’m sure I’ll ask Liam Owen to “audition” or see if he can do a rendering.


Your time is precious. Once you spend it, you don't get it back. And it's rough to say, but not everyone deserves your time. To...

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