Smelling Salts


It’s fun to experience new things now and then. I was reading about smelling salts and how they had become popular at gyms to kind of spike your energy before/during a workout. I was curious and searched around, and sure enough, there are all kinds of products for sale.

I bought some ampules on Amazon. Fairly cheap. Maybe in in 5th or 6th grade, a friend had brought some smelling salts to school and we had taken turns sniffing at them and doing other silly boy things.

I cracked the ampule and sniffed and I about blew off my own nose. It was insanely strong! Either modern chemistry has gotten a lot better or those 5th grade salts were cheap imitations. I was actually laughing at how powerful they were. I sniffed, delicately, a second time and that was about enough. I waved it near(ish) my dog and he was curious, but didn’t seem very pro or con. I expected a greater reaction of some sort.

That said, I could definitely see it being used to jolt you. Apparently, it only lasts a short while. Just a heart and breathing change. I read on wikipedia that one pro player said that 70-80% of NFL players were using smelling salts. So you see those guys jumping around and headbutting each other for fun. Maybe it’s not completely youthful exuberance. I had no desire to headbutt anyone or anything, but it was a slight uptick.

Could you use it in the morning to wake up instead of coffee? Probably. But it’s going to last a short while. Like 5 mins or something. But it’s interesting.

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