Rambling Update


Garm book is at the editor. It’s about 110K words.

I have ants in my kitchen. Not a lot. But ants. I haven’t used an ant bait maybe for…25 years? And they haven’t changed. It’s poison, and they have liabilities, so they make this twisty ant hotel that no ant will go inside. 25 years ago, I had put it right in the path of ants and watched them steadfastly walk around it. So I cut off the top and that did it. This time, I cut off the top and they still didn’t want it. I watched a few ants run off it like it was covered in poison or something. I now put a little dab of peanut butter on it. And they still don’t want it. I think the goal is to make you buy so many ant baits they’re actually ant repellent. Just put them everywhere and ants won’t come in.

I’ve really cut back on my caffeine. I was drinking some freeze dried coffee and it’s pretty good. But it’s very difficult to gauge how much caffeine you’re getting with spoons. Fast forward many months and I found I had sinuses, which I never have. I wondered if my apartment had honest pollutants. Not far-fetched considering my windows are literaly disintegrating after decades of exposure to the Pacific Ocean. But it’s an apartment. I’ve got a cheapo pollution gauge, C02, organic compounds, etc. And it’s basically like, if my dog walks by and I vigorously pet him, it’s super polluted. But otherwise, it’s not at all.

And it didn’t make much sense. People live in buildings that are hundreds of years old. Humans are pretty good at dealing with normal-ish atmospheric pollutants. Unless you got serious chemicals going on or serious allergies, you can be fine. Maybe 35 years later you’ll see problems. But it’s not a sudden thing. Anyway, when I cut back on caffeine, it basically changed my breathing patterns. And that was it. Even though my nervous system had gotten used to a ton of coffee, the rest of my body was like, dude, that’s a lot of caffeine. I never would have guessed it would show up as kind of a sinus/breathing issue.

I’ve said many times that Sasquatch (my dog) makes people happy. But holy crap people are going nuts. I almost consider it a public service I go out and set him down somewhere to cheer people up. I usually bike ride, but I’ve been walking more so I can take a slower pace. Probably a dozen or so people stopped to pet him today and many more just saw him and got an extra smile or two.


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