Merry Holidays


Hey all, happy whatever end-of-year stuff you decide to participate in. Unless your goal is to release virulent butt toxins across the planet and give us all Melting Ass Syndrome. In which case, please don’t do that.

This year has been a wild and wacky ride. Had it’s ups and downs. The strangest presidency in living memory. Maybe Andrew Jackson’s administration was crazy off the rails, but I don’t have any first hand knowledge of it.

My father passed away this year and to memorialize him, he’s a character in Spell Talker. Got to tell him that and explain it a bit. The character, as it turns out, became much more important than I had originally planned. Partly it’s organic, characters grow how they grow unless you actively stomp on them, but it was probably subconscious as well.

It’s not easy making a living as a writer. That is, if regular food and shelter are things you have any interest in. But I can’t complain. I just take it as I get it and celebrate every day I can hold on to this. It makes taking risks that much riskier, like starting a new series, and exploring 3D animation to tell stories, but if I wanted to play it safe, being a writer is a ridiculous way to practice that.

I like to say that every year I’m better than I was. Certainly not physically–I still have two kidney stones who are threatening me. But I’m so much more capable than I’ve ever been. And there’s a lot of room to improve. Which is another way of saying I suck. But hey, I suck less every year. I’m very fortunate to have had the experiences I had and made the choices I made. I wouldn’t have done it any other way. Except maybe to be born Prince Flark Jarkle of the Kingdom of Snarkle. But then I probably would have died at the age of 26 playing polo, after my horse bit my throat for being such an insufferable, rich asshole.

So anyway, thanks again for reading/listening/buying whatever. And I’ll do my best to keep making products I’m not totally ashamed of.


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