Jury Duty


I was called into jury duty and the trial I was on just completed. You’re not supposed to come from more than 20 miles away, but to make the calculation, they draw a straight line. As if we could fly. So I’m like 23ish miles away and have to travel clear across Los Angeles county at morning and evening rush hour. I relied upon Lyft and Uber to drive me. So I ended up spending way more money than the $15 a day we’re paid. But I knew I would be braindead and exhausted if I tried to make that drive myself. Even as a passenger it was well over an hour of constant stop-and-go traffic and stressful.

The trial sucked. It was Better Call Saul ambulance chasing with inflated and conflicting doctor’s reports. At the end of the day, it was so nebulous on the actual accident, that we couldn’t confidently assign fault. So the doctor stuff didn’t matter. Most of the jurors were pretty bright and responsible.

It was pretty funny, I was on the jury with the president of the Writer’s Guild and the showrunner for the tv show The Orville. We talked a bit and he’s a nice guy. There was also a VP of Disney Pictures in the main jury pool. If I was trying to shop tv entertainment, that was the place to be: jury duty.

I consider it really important to serve on jury duty. My main beef was having to travel so far. I have been really burnt out because of it and haven’t gotten a lot done.


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