I cooked some sorta beef jerky yesterday. It’s my 2nd attempt.

Was quite simple to prepare. I took the bag the beef came in, poured in some good soy sauce, added onion salt, cayenne, red pepper, black pepper, garlic salt, liquid smoke, shakey shake.

I must have cooked that stuff for 5 hours. I was starving. I’d steal pieces now and then and they were quite tasty. But I’ve realized I just can’t dehydrate meat that thick. It won’t ever be “real” beef jerky unless I have it in there for 12 hours. And then it will probably burn. And realistically, I’m not going to be able to slice it thin enough because I’m not a master chef or even a faster ref. *blows whistle*

It was good stuff. But the time involved makes it very questionable. My go-to for beef jerky is People’s Choice on Amazon. The whole muscle slabs. I don’t’ do much product endorsement, but I’ve liked that. Not that I eat a ton of jerky.


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