I’m working on the intro. What I had originally wanted to do is too hard and time-consuming. So I’m throwing a lot of work at the intro as a selling point. Intros are hard. They usually hire an entirely separate company to do them. Think of the opening credits of Game of Thrones or James Bond or The Simpsons or whatever. They have graphics or styles that have nothing to do with the rest of the show. Kind of abstract. Older tv shows, or sitcoms in general, would just show clips of episodes spliced together, but that isn’t as common now.

I’m trying to show off the various set pieces I can make. But it’s been a pain in the ass to suddenly build entire scenes just for 5 seconds of footage. That is a composite, which is something I learned how to do this week. Not to mention building an entire sky city and mad scientist lair. 1 minute is pretty standard for intros. I’ve got a rough 20 seconds. But I want to highlight the various sub-genres I have and all the amazing artwork. If nothing else, to convince Amazon to put it up. I’ll add some poppy music and then drop the title down at the end. This is the gist of it. Hank stomping along through various environments.


Long-winded review of Sandman tv show. I grew up with the Sandman comic. That was the 90s and late 80s. Comic book revolution. Arguably the...

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