Into the 3rd Dimension


Hey all. I’m a fan of artwork and stories and stories with artwork. Every few years I dip my feet into the tools available to see if it’s yet possible to bring my writing to life without employing a small army of co-creatives to make it happen. I’ve been doing some simple tests at home to see if I can produce some animation. It’s not exactly easy. It requires a lot of hardware, software, and coordination. But we’ve come a long way and it’s looking promising so far.

IF I could put together a series, such as Hard Luck Hank or Spell Talker or what have you, how would you guys like to consume it–if at all? The whole problem, besides creating, is actually getting paid for it which justifies creating in the first place. I can put ads in it and have Hard Luck Hank talking about how great certain cellphones are (or more likely, off-brand energy drinks). It can be pay-per-video. It can be subscription. Microtransactions. Or some other combination.

What do you all think?

And this is a simple test to show you what I’m talking about. I didn’t export any audio.


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