Hard Luck Hank screener


I posted this to my Patreon group first.

This is an early sample of what I’m trying to do with Hard Luck Hank and what I’ve been blabbing about for a while. This upload is only 1080p and it loses further detail in the process. It’s available in 4K resolution. I still need to work on details and refine it. This is merely the first part of the first scene.

My idea is to have Youtube host a 750p version, with ads. And have a Patreon set of versions with 1080p up to 4K with director’s commentary, behind-the-scenes, script, etc. Would you pay for this? 30 minute episodes every XX months or 5-10 minute episodes more frequently? How much would you be willing to pay? Nothing is a viable answer and I won’t be offended. I need to know if there is any interest.

This will be taken down after not long, so if you have any comments/suggestions, please make them fast. Hope you enjoy it.

Hard Luck Hank First 8

And I just got an updated Delovoa model. He’s pretty damn scary.

Early Delovoa Test


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