Hard Luck Hank 7 Audiobook


Liam Owen and SciFi-Publishing have given me the audiobook to review. Estimated at about 15.4 hours. Far longer than all the others.

I’ll get to work proofing it. They do a great job, of course, but there’s usually a few things that need correcting. Out of 15 hours, that’s a pretty good average.

4 thoughts on “Hard Luck Hank 7 Audiobook

  • By Lisa -

    If you need help, you can always outsource it… some of your faithful fans would be glad to help proof it for an early crack at the audiobook! Just sayin’… 🙂

  • By Larry -

    I agree with Lisa. I would love to help as well. I am always finding errors in audio books that have slipped through. Let your fans help you out . 😉

  • By Monarcb -

    Greatly looking forward to this release. I have squirred away an Audible credit specifically for this book. My son and I have listened to all the Hardluck Hank books together and enjoyed them immensely. Liam Owen does an awesome job narrating these books. For some reason, his voice as Hank cracks me up. I am chuckling right now just thinking about it. The best part is a couple of times we have quoted the book in real life together, it’s a joy to have those in-jokes.

  • By Mike Drake -

    I had some trouble hearing Cliston in some of the earlier audiobooks. Kept having to adjust the audio volume whenever Liam spoke in Clistons voice. But some of the later versions were better. I Hope all is well I have my audible credit ready to roll as well!

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