Hard Luck Hank 10


Just a head’s up, I have finished HLH 10. I think I’ll call it Fourth Quadrant. Or 4th Quadrant. Or Into the Fourth Quadrant. The reason the subtitle is unclear is because I have to make the title using graphics. And I don’t like doing it. So you’ll notice all my more recent subtitles are short. Because I’m like, “this blows,” so I’ll just call a book Garm or Frankly. My next book will be probably be:

Hard Luck Hank

I can’t remember if I mentioned, but the subtitle is an inside joke. It is based on the marketing concept of a four quadrant movie. So my idea was how can I make Hank four quadrant–and for me to still like it.

Not sure if you noticed, but I despise love scenes. Hate. I have no idea who they are for. We live in the online porn age. The online erotica age. The online romance novel age. Those are properties that can do love scenes of every shape, size, configuration a whole lot better than I can ever dream of doing. BUT they are often one of the criteria that helps push a movie/property into four quadrants. You have a film that’s some gung-ho machinegun revenge piece, and they have a romantic subplot. The plucky, sexy female machinegunner who briefly rolls around with the guy on a murderous revenge rampage. Back when I went to movie theaters, I’d be staring at the walls during those scenes. Thinking, how or why did anyone believe this fits into this movie?

Anyway, HLH 10 Into The Short Subtitle, isn’t likely a true four quadrants. Probably not even close. But I feel it’s more accessible. And…I really like it. I have caught myself laughing at my own stupid book a whole bunch. Some of my “throwaway chapters” that I hadn’t anticipated being very important, were some of the most fun. Hank’s visit to the Belvaille Plantation of Hatred and Desolation, for instance.

I have a bunch of side characters who have their own chapters. I add a new big character who will likely return. I had to bench Cliston, however. He’s on a sabbatical for this book. And the reason is because if he had been around, half the conflicts would have been resolved. At one point, I make a reference to it in the book:

“Oh, man. Can you think how easy this would be if Cliston was here?” MTB replied wistfully.

I really enjoy Cliston as a character. He’s fun to write and think about. Obviously, I like all the characters who reoccur. But if I’m going to write a book where the main conflict is rewiring a stereo, then Delovoa either has to be in a coma or it’s going to be a one paragraph novel.

My editor is lined up ready to edit. Liam Owen is lined up ready to do the audiobook. I still need to polish and revisit my notes and bang it into shape.


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