Getting Old


I’ve worn glasses since I was a wee lad. I’ve got terrible vision. Up to now, I haven’t needed reading glasses, however. But they are a requirement with old age. I’m finally beginning to see a difference in my eyes. I have to take off my regular glasses to read. I can still do it. But the fact my glasses are preventing me from reading close has to be some early sign. It could also be I need new glasses. I haven’t upgraded my prescription in some years. Though my eyes don’t seem to change very much.

It’s also sad and peculiar what a delicate instrument I am. I like to think I’m merely specialized. Like a dragster racing car. You can’t be like, “meh, we ran out of pure nitromethane fuel. Let’s just see if this 87 octane regular will work.” It won’t.

So during the height of the virus, all the parks were closed. So I was doing nothing but walking my dog on the street and sidewalks. That’s a lot of impact over time. I was worried about his little feetsies, but also my own feet/knees/shins/back. When the park re-opened, we were there every day, multiple times a day. Then I noticed my left knee was really acting up. Almost to the point of limping. As you get older, you can’t just guess what is wrong. The difference between a sore muscle, bad joint, worn cartilage, and a pinched nerve are quite significant. And if you think you have a muscle ache and try and “work it out,” and it’s actually a blown joint, you can do yourself even more harm.

What I THINK was happening, was all the walking on the grass was bad for me. It’s not like some NFL field. It’s hard California ground with pits and hills and dips and spongy areas. So I was pronating around walking on that uneven surface. On a lark, I started back pounding the pavement. And I was startled at how much better stepping on the hard road was.

So I think I need to have some perfect mixture of 2/9th’s grass, 4/7th’s concrete, 1/5th bike riding, and 7/pi of trans-dimensional disco.


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