Garm Image


Preliminary cover. “Accidentally” spent like 4 hours working on this last night. Getting the lighting is hardest. Titles will be top. My name bottom. So I need room for all that. Garm looks best super close up. But then you can’t really see anything else. And I want her center. I might change color of Gandrine just because he has a similar tone to Garm. I made a short video where you can see the scale of them all. Because all this is 3D. So they’re really there. The Gandrine is actually breathing. This is catching him with his shoulders highest. But Garm is about the size of his forearm.

Updating this website is such a pain in the ass. Yes, it would be way easier to post to Facebook or something. But I don’t own FB and they can (and do) screw me over whenever they like. I post stuff on Patreon and I’m going to TRY and do a weekly video update.



I do a friday update for my patreon people. It's usually me walking the dog and talking about what writing I did this week. I...

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