I’ve partially learned to cook. It’s a means of me keeping my cost of living low so I can continue writing. But it also produces food that is way better than what I get at a restaurant. Sometimes I’m just damn tired and damn hungry. And at least a dozen times I’ve gone through the various meal delivery apps and I go so far as to make my selections and then I’m like, “holy crap, that’s expensive.”

I’ve had my instant pot pressure cooker for months and I’ve eaten probably 10 entire pork rib sides. I had gotten one deal on baby back ribs for like $4.99 a pound. That alone has paid for the pressure cooker. Used to be, ribs were a delicacy I could have once or twice a year and cost a fortune. What I make is cheaper than walking a half-block to the restaurant on the corner and getting a breakfast burrito. Every rib meal I’ve prepared has been vastly, unbelievably better than any ribs I’ve had before then.

I had a moment of crisis yesterday when I had realized I might have prepared my first set of bad ribs. I looked down at them and they weren’t done. Standard time. It’s not as trivial as popping them back in the oven or microwave with a pressure cooker. But I put them in for another 7 minutes and they were fantastic. I realize now I had used about 1/3rd chicken broth instead of just water and that behaves differently. It’s not going to penetrate and cook quite as well as water, but man, it tasted amazing.

And before anyone gets too concerned, I’ve maintained my weight. Of course, I might have all sorts of other issues, but at least I’ll die having enjoyed some tremendous food. I’ll get around to learning more difficult and nutritious meals. I want to get a good stew or soup I can trademark and make by the jug. Then I can just heat it up and throw in some bread and coffee and get back to writing.


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