I’ve thought of doing some cooking videos now that I have a Cliston 3D model. But it would be a pain because my kitchen is so miniscule. But it gets me thinking of stuff to say.

Like today I ran out of cane sugar. So I poured a bit of maple syrup in my coffee. I’ll use maple syrup as a sugar substitute a lot. But only when I’m not actually cook-cooking. Because you’re going to burn away the flavor and spend 100 times as much for a little sweet. I had been thinking Cliston-style about it and when I made my second cup, I put in a fair amount along with a bit of lactaid 2% milk. Holy crap was that some good coffee! I figured it would be okay. But it really blew me away how amazing it was.

I mean, I went from the coffee costing 12 cents of ingredients, or about, to it costing 45 cents. I buy good maple syrup. But it was pretty spectacular.

If I did a Cliston show, it wouldn’t be really Cliston. Cliston would blow away the best chefs we have on this planet and could tell you exactly why, from a molecular and biological level, something is good/bad, healthy, etc. I’d do it more Hank. Meaning, I knew I like maple syrup. I knew I like a bit of sweet to cut down the bitterness of coffee. So why not experiment? And the first cup was basically just a dash, and was fine, so why not up it? That’s my approach to cooking. Nothing is “wrong” or right in cooking. It’s the most subjective form of expression we got. If you like tartar sauce in your chicken soup, then do it.

Anyway, it was some good coffee. There’s all sorts of coffee additives. And they’re all basically pure sugar with tons of extra stuff for shelf life. It’s tough to imagine regularly pouring maple syrup in my coffee because it’s just too much. I know people regularly spend way more than that at Starbucks. But they’re not starving writers.


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