Talent vs. Skill

There is the age old-debate about what is better to possess, talent or skill. Loosely defined, talent is an aptitude you are born with or that naturally appears on its own. Skill is an ability you actively nurture and develop. Talent might be being 7 feet tall and wanting to play basketball. Where skill is learning to shoot a 3 pointer in basketball day after day over decades. Basketball is what I consider the most talent-heavy of occupations. Because someone... Read More

The Prodigy’s Keith Flint RIP

I think it was Roger Ebert who said "pop songs are the soundtracks to our own lives." Putting into cinematic terms how we experience things. I didn't know Keith Flint by name. I hadn't thought about The Prodigy in years. But when they broke out in America, the rave scene was exploding and I had just come to Los Angeles. It influenced my life for a number of years. The look that Keith Flint showed off in 1997 was reused... Read More