This is one of the cameras I use for motion capture. That’s where I write. My dog. Some posters. Clearly I’m not living in style…

But it shows how hi-tech this device is. It’s an infrared camera, depth sensor, visual light camera, accelerometer, gyroscope, microphone, etc. I chain 2 cameras together and stitch the results. This is because when I move around, such as turning sideways, the camera can’t see the other side because my own body is blocking it. So I lose track of my arm/leg. And for 3D that’s bad.

The depth sensor upper right is what I use primarily. Because I’m trying to control bones on my model (like Hank). The color gradient is the falloff from the camera. Red is basically too far. It’s still doable, but it loses accuracy and is kind of fidgety. You can see it doesn’t have much range.

When people are worried about Big Brother, this is an early model of what they will be using. I say an early model, because this isn’t remotely consumer-friendly. They even say it’s not for consumers. And I had to flash the firmware and do all this stuff at the console-level. It’s very old school clunky. But this device can conceivably be equipped to biometric scan. Scan anything that happens to pass in that green/yellow zone.

As for tricking it, these things work in near-IR.
(sun)Glasses, beard, mustache, and some clothes can’t block it or fake it. It’s how you can unlock your iPhone at night while chewing gum with a newly-pierced nose. Not only that, but I don’t actually have to clean up to use it. I can have my bike right there. I can have junk all around. You don’t have to green screen because it can automatically filter all that out.

This is just me testing the new firmware and some applications. But I thought it might be interesting.


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