I got my dog groomed yesterday. They actually give me a discount! A 110 pound fur machine they give a discount. This came up because I was talking to a guy, that rich guy I mentioned before with 2 Labradoodles. They charge him $120 each dog. I was like WHAT? And he does it every 2 months. I was like holy shit, that’s a lot. They charge me $60. They said because my dog is such a sweetheart and because I brush him so well. I give a $20 tip. So $80 for him smelling April fresh and being really clean.

Woke up early for once. Went for a bike ride with my fresh dog. On a whim, we went up to the street to see if the gourmet quickie mart was open. Nope. But I saw the Mexican Restaurant across the street was open.

It’s a burrito place that had the best breakfast burritos around. Now, it’s not too hard to mess up a breakfast burrito, but theirs were extra good. The deal was, they had just the worst service.

I must have gone there 8 different times over the past 5 years and it was closed. I had probably worse than a 50% ratio on going there and it being closed. And it’s a restaurant. It’s not like I was going at 3 am. It would be like Wednesday at noon. Closed. So I finally stopped going. But for me to WALK or bike ride out of my way 8 times and see it closed, that tells you those are some good burritos.

I went in today and it was packed. A LOT of young people. Not kids, but 20s. I order a breakfast burrito and he asks what kind, we got a bunch. And he shows the little side menu and basically half their entire menu was breakfast burritos. I got an egg white, tri-tip wet burrito. The most expensive one. It was $7.90 for about a pound of wet burritos. They give you 2, individually wrapped. And they were so wet they were soft as marshmallow. Finally got it home and ate and damn, it was even better than before. I just woofed it down and now I want another. Cuz you can never be too fat…

So I’m thinking they got new owners or managers and they spruced it up, posted their actual store hours on the window(!), and they were raking in customers. They took their one famous item and expanded it ten-fold.

It’s kind of cool seeing business successes like that. Because I’m a small business owner and finding out what works and what doesn’t is always of value.


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