Bread. That you eat.


Man, it’s hot. I said months ago that once the summer comes and Covid-19 is still around, the grid is going to go down. Because it just can’t handle 75% of the population sitting at home watching computer and playing tv. And…I had a preview when in the early days the only humans out and about were people like me, walking our dogs, and plumbers. Because our pipes couldn’t take all those people not going to work/school and pooping at home.

Our grid has gone down only once. Which is pretty surprising. And shows I don’t know anything.

But it’s crazy hot around here. Not hot like where normal people live. But it’s always 60-70 here. So when it’s 80 and humid, that’s too much. I was like, “my apartment is miserable. I know what I’ll do. I’ll bake some bread. Nothing like a hot oven to clear away the sweats.”

I had a worry I messed it up. I kept my dough in my fridge at the bottom, letting it do it’s yeast thang. But I’ve been drinking a LOT of water. And I have to fill up my jug. And when I fill up my jug, I spill it. And I forgot about that bread at the bottom. I went to handle it, and there was a ton of extra water in there. Woops. I powered ahead.

It wasn’t some huge loaf of goodness. But it was quite excellent. I at almost half of it already. I have some balsamic that’s been aged. Not like, proper aged, it’s just old. I think it’s like 99% acid at this point. Which is just how I like it. So much kick I figure I won’t need to go to the dentist for a while–because my teeth will have melted.

Anyway, hope everyone else is coping with the heat okay. Or if it’s cold, coping with the cold. Or if it’s florky, coping with the excess florks.


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