Black Friday Chairs


I’m not huge into product endorsement unless I use the products. Last year I bought a recliner from La-Z-Boy on Black Friday. It was like cheap as hell. It’s now damn near the centerpiece of this room. It’s my reading chair. It’s my eating chair whilst watching tv. It’s my movie chair. When I was dog sitting for some pups, it was enjoyed by them as well. (Sasquatch is way too big.)

If they didn’t go bankrupt and can pull off the same thing this year, I recommend looking into it. If you’re reading this note, presumably you are readers. I use nothing but e-readers now. But it’s waaaaay more comfortable in my recliner. Which is what made me buy it. I kept getting really sore shoulders/back because I was trying to read in bed. Then I’d get into some book or other and end up crippling myself. Kept doing this over and over. And I realized that growing up, I had access to like three different super nice recliners I would read in.

I got mine with cheap material and cheap color and as about as tall as I could get. No springs. I think they call it like wall-safe? It saves weight and it can be placed closer to the wall. So saves space. It was a fantastic purchase.


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