Belvaille Demo


Trying to put together a 3D city. I got fog effects in because 3D, even with “dirty” textures, tends to look too clean. You can tell it’s fake. You want more fog or less? Ironically, I had been using rain particle effects as test and when I took them out, I was like, gah, everything is so clean and clear. There were a TON of advertisements on some of these buildings and prefabs, I took most out. It was very Bladerunner. And I love Bladerunner. But if they are going to be chock full of ads, they should make sense and not be generic. There are a bunch of English names and descriptions all over the place. I want to remove those, but it will take ages.

What do you think of the 1:1 resolution instead of widescreen. It cuts down on file size. This is 1440 resolution. I could go all the way up to HD, but it’s massive file size. This is like 1 megabyte a second of video.


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