Bad Foods


I just had some dairy-free cheesecake. And I have to say, it was some of the best cardboard I’ve ever had. They should package all boxes with it, just in case we ever get stranded somewhere and we have to choose between our shipping containers and cannibalism.

I got some biltong beef jerky that I had been getting advertisements on forever. And it was just lousy. I’ve made my own dehydrated sorta-jerky. And it’s waaay better. Even cheaper. Just takes forever.

I had some youngish people who lived downstairs and they would party now and then. Every single person under 35 seems to drink nothing but seltzers. Which are just wine coolers with no sugar. So crap. Just terrible. I’ve had a number of them and in some cases couldn’t drink more than a sip or two.

We just got back from the Pier and I was gifted some free Kombucha. I’ve had that before. Decent probiotics and all, but not a fan of the taste. This one had apple and turmeric and 50 other flavors that had no business being on the same shelf let alone the same bottle with each other. I had 2 small sips and poured it all out.

Stop making horrible-tasting products. I’m old and single in Covid-19. I need at least some mouth feels to stay sane.


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