Audio Auditions


I haven’t had to do auditions in a while. I’m surprised at the number of responses in less than 24 hours and the high quality. This reminds me of when I put out an ad on Craigslist when I was making my short video to advertise Hard Luck Hank and I needed actors. Needing actors in Los Angeles… I got so many responses so fast, I had to start scanning them and discarding any that failed to meet simple requirements. I was looking for any reason to reject them because I simply couldn’t deal with the number. I got a brief taste of what it’s like being an employer.

I thought I’d let you all listen to them and it MIGHT be a preview of who will eventually do the audiobook. I’d say keep the negative comments down and try and be positive or at least helpful since I might point them to this thread so they can see what true audio listeners think. For the record, this is some spliced-up pieces of the book. I wanted to hear them doing the Narrator and some characters. This could be considered briefly spoiler. It’s the earliest chapters, but if you want to listen to it all at once, I would avoid these previews.


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