Another HLH vid tease



Just showing off the effects. Took me a long while to make this. I had tried to make a physical Gax. But it was too hard and not very good. So these are all particle effects. If I run through this 5 times, Gax would look slightly different each time. There’s like 10 different particle effects shoved in there.

The light beam is also hard to do. You think, hey, just shine a light. But this isn’t a real set or real light. You have to tell it to make a beam. And then distort it because of mist in a digital world.

But this is an early scene where Hank learns from Gax, the Boranjame, wtf is going on.

I didn’t even notice my audio clip was too short. And too loud. But I was mostly just showing off my, “Obi Wan, you’re my only hope,” clip.


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