Beach Stories

I made a post on a forum that really took off and caught attention. So I thought I would post it here. First, Sasquatch (my dog) and I went to the local park for their annual pet day. Lots of dogs and people and goats. We entered a talent competition. I got Sasquatch to hi-five, sit, and speak. There were about 20 other competitors. They gave out an award for best trick, most unique, and underdog. The underdog being kind... Read More

Audiobook 7 and Character Studies

Paid Will at sci-fi publishing. Who paid Liam Owen. Actually, I don't know how they do their fee schedules, but the check is in the mail. Or PayPal. Waiting for Audible to Q&A the audiobook and then it will be released. Thanks for your patience. This was a tough one. But you know how they say, "good things come to those who wait?" Well, people who say that are annoying. So I'll just say sorry it's been taking so long.... Read More

HLH 7 Audio

The book is proofed. I'm waiting a few days to hear back from Audible on some stuff. Then I'll pay my producer the zillion billion jillion spacebucks I owe him, then it will be out. So, ETA is: "shortly." Not to be confused with: Read More

Senator Warren

A few years ago, I was flying back from the east coast to the west coast, when I encountered the worst travel conditions of my life. First off, I was standing around at the overcrowded terminal, without even a place to sit down on the floor. I had devolved into cattle like everyone else. We were farm animals being herded around airplanes. I had seen some "excitement" around someone, but I simply didn't care. We finally boarded and I had... Read More


I had heard about this guy but I forgot it. When you hear that the animated Ogre character of Shrek was based on a real person, you tend to think, meh. But holy crap, this guy is more Shrek than Shrek. If anything, they made Shrek a lot prettier and more human. [video width="728" height="546" mp4=""][/video] Read More