No one owes you anything

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Being a creative is a pretty hard life. I'd guess about three times a week, I look around and tell myself, "I'm living the dream." Because I have a strong suspicion, based on vast amounts of historical data, that I won't be able to maintain this lifestyle forever and I'll look back on these years fondly. I'm a member of SFWA. When people ask what it is, I generally say it's a Sci-Fi/Fantasy writing group that has George R. R.... Read More

5 years of dogging

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YOUR ALASKAN MALAMUTE DOG SHANDAEL'S SASQUATCH IS 5 YEARS OLD TODAY! On behalf of AKC Reunite, we want to wish SHANDAEL'S SASQUATCH a Happy Birthday! Purebred show dogs have the breeder name in front. And I don't think they were particularly happy with "Sasquatch" as a name. Pretty weird it's been 5 years. It was damn hard for the first couple, when he was just a ball of muscle and fur and energy and didn't give a shit about doing... Read More

John Wick 3 and Stuff

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I used to love going to the movies. Los Angeles celebrates film like no other place. Back in the 90s I would frequent a little run-down revival house without AC and with cloth seats that would show 32mm film of classics. It was called the New Beverly and apparently a lot of people used to go there. I'd see celebs now and then, but probably didn't recognize a million or so. Tarantino eventually gave them a ton of cash to... Read More

Good deed for the day

Found a puppy. Brought him home and got animal control over so they can check for a chip and get calls from owners missing him. [video width="1280" height="720" mp4=""][/video] Read More