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    and stuf and stuff and stuffz

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    Wow, I can post! Got nothing to say, but that’s no impediment.

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      Okay, a few minutes poking around and this forum seems to be working, but a bit roughly. I’m not seeing a way to edit or delete comments I’ve posted. It seems to be trying to support an avatar upload that doesn’t quite work (I tried dragged an image onto my “edit profile” section, and it displayed in my browser, but didn’t upload). I first tried to register with an Earthlink email, but that failed; for some reason some things won’t or can’t send their confirmation dialogue to Earthlink, but it worked when I gave a Yahoo address.

      As for the forum itself, I come here with trepidation, in that I mostly try to avoid spoilers and specific discussions of upcoming work; I prefer to take a book with no presuppositions beyond the general notion that I might like it. In that spirit, I await the audiobook for the new HLH.

      Postscript: Ah, it’s letting me edit this item I just posted, but not the one before that. Perhaps I can only edit whatever I posted in the current browser session? If so, that would be a bug.

      Also, I hadn’t intended to reply to myself, but to reply at the top level; however I see my reply is indented, as if it replied to my previous post. User error or bug?

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    Successfully registered! 🙂 NOTE: My confirmation emails went to my spam folder…. I have a Gmail account. I suspect there is a way to bypass gmail’s spam filters.

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    Steven Campbell

    Do you guys see the Patreon subforum?

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    I only see a “GeneralFormum”

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    I only see a “General Forum.”

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